First of all this is great website. Do you look forward to studying for your weekly spelling test? Probably yes probably not. But once you try SpellingCity, you might just change your mind. SpellingCity is a fun online spelling program. Imagine yourself playing spelling games online the day before your spelling test and ending up with an A!

What words do your students seem to misspell most frequently?

If you've ever felt like the concept of spelling tests are dull and boring, the website Spelling City will help put some fun into the study of how to correctly spell words.

For many years, teachers have looking for different ways to enhance student memorization of correct spelling. Common approaches improve repetitive writing or in-class word games. Some teachers leave it up to the students to come up with their own ways to memorize long lists of spelling words.
Spelling City is a fabulous site for practicing spelling, I have written about its uses in the classroom before (here and here). Spelling City has just added a new feature that teachers are going to love, the ability to add your own sentences on Spelling City! Now you can customize your spelling lists to fit your needs.

How to integrate Spelling City into the classroom

Now that SpellingCity.com allows teacher and audience generated sentences, full texts you can customize your lists for students even more. Have students generate sentences for the weeks spelling words and vote on which sentence should be included on Spelling City.
The newest feature on SpellingCity is a way for students to practice their writing!